• January
    • 01/01

      • Happy New Year

    • 01/24

      • So I havn't posted in a while (couple of months). No real changes were made till recently. I got a proper server rack to store everything like it should be, and eaiser to keep everything organized. Now I can fully start on the process of setting it all up and get the different aspects working as well. Also I have had to get a new laptop as the one I was using took a nose dive and is not recoverable. Gues I can use it for something else.

        Now I can start working on things reguarly and also keep this up to date more often with the changes I am making.

  • Febuary
    • 02/05

      • Recently I was able to get a 25U server rack. I have also been able to get a 1U server rack mount case I am going to use as a OPNSense (open source) enterprise level router.

        I also got a new 2U half depth server case. This is being changing to my master server. I will also hopefully soon get a hot swap bay to have in the server case. I found one or two on Amazon that holds 2.5 size drives and set them up for RAID.

    • 02/21

      • I have reorganized my hardware within my server rack to clean it up. I also changed the master server hardware that hosts my web server, cloud server, and Plex server.

        For security reason though I am not forwarding all the ports on my LAN as I want to secure a few things first.

        I will be doing a second server and have FOG PXE running on it for operating systems and for backups.

  • March
    • 03/25

      • Not much to report this month, as I have been doing a lot of hardware clean up and orginazation. Just mkaing things look pretty.

        Also been looking for a new job as I have reached a end point with my current employer.

  • April
    • 04/01

      • My goal this month is to get some hardware and software to start working on the OpenHab system. I have a coupld of Arduino Uno borads and want to start getting them to communicate. I will then update to the Arduino Uno, and see if I can get them on the WiFi network that runs on the OpenHab system.

    • 04/10

      • So I am rebuilding my server hardware set up. One of the things I am wanting to add in is a Raspberry Pi PXE boot server. Its's based on this artical. So this should help improve and make a more reliable Raspberry Pi set up as I won't need to worry about Micro SD cards going bad from use and updates.

        My current router if I can get what is running my master server the enterprise router hardware. When I tried it originally a couple months ago it would not recogonize the second NIC on the the mother board. I should have an idea if it works tomorrow, and will update once I know for sure.

    • 04/11

      • So it was a success. I was able to set up a piece of hardware that didn't work before with OPNSense to now work with it. I have started to replan my physical hardware configurations. Chances are I will be working on another new part of my hardware setup tomorrow, so there should be another update.

    • 04/12

      • So I have now built a Raspbery Pi PXE server. This will allow for my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to network boot and not need a Micro SD card anymore. I will have to work on my hardware setups for it and see how I can customize the OS's that I need or want to use.

    • 04/17

      • So I have made some changes to my webserver and how it operates. Not going to go into a lot of detail here, but I currently pay for my Dynamic DNS service that allows me to have several different hostnames and I can point them to different pages on my home server. So I have added more names and this should make it easier for me to manage everything.

  • May
    • 05/24

      • Damn I am old, it's my 25 birthday for the 12th year.

        Yes I did write this in advance.

  • June
    • 06/01

      • So from this date to August I lost all my updated files..... so yippie.

  • August
    • 08/02

      • So today I had to re-do my entire GitLab. So one reason I am glad that several items are on GitHub so it was easier to copy them over.

    • 08/10

      • Today I set up a new Docker instance running OpenProject. Just running this as a proof of concept that should really only be on for a week or two.

    • 08/28

      • So my internet is down again, and not really going to upload this to the server. I need to start making better financial decisions. So I will leave the internet down for a while till I can get back on my feet. This is going to be a long hard time as I do enjoy the contact with the outside world.

        Sooner or later I will get my life in order. In the mean time.......... oh well.

  • September
    • 09/09

      • Happy anniversary for the Dreamcast, and the Playstation 2.

        So I was able to get my internet back up and running. Also I got a Public Routable Static IP. This allows me to now set up a e-mail server. Once I have this done then I can setup communication for different things with out e-mail limits.

        Also I need to set up the GitLab Runner so I can push updates to my webpage here. This will be done over time.

    • 09/12

      • So today whiel performing some maintence on my server remotely part of the process was to resrat it. Well it died. After I was able to bring up some aspects of the server's OS I found that the system's NetworkManager Software is corrupted. I will have to rebuild it. In the mean time I am getting a temp solution up and running.

    • 09/14

      • So I have a temp server up and running. It will be just a matter of days for me to get the main back up, but this will still take some time. Wish me luck.

    • 09/18

      • So I have been able to rebuild my main server properly and on the correct hardware. Now to get all my websites up and running fully.

    • 09/27

      • So a couple of months ago Raspberry Pi released new hardware. The new Raspberry PI 4 comes in 4 different models depending on the RAM that you want to use. I picked up the 1Gig RAM pi to test in home and to also keep a few things updated.