• October

      I have not worked on this at all for the month of October. To many other things going on in my life. Yes I am a bad nerd/geek for not working on this.

  • November
    • 11/26

      • I have decided to combine the Web Server and the OpenHab system. I am not seeing to much traffic from either at the time to warrant keeping them separate. In the future I may do so if I do see an up tick in usage and hardware availability. I will keep this up to date as I do things as well just for my records mostly.

        I also removed the PLEX server, and changed the hardware configuration. Right now I have everything running on a single Raspberry Pi Zero W. I also removed the SQL server for now, as I still need to learn it's operation and configuration. I will add it back to my set up later on through the process.

    • 11/27

      • Started updating my home website. Added this update page for record tracking, along with general updates for me. Oh and fixed some spelling mistakes on the documents page as well.

        I copied everything to a thumb/flash drive for easier management. Also that way I can work on the documentation at work. This should allow me better ability and time to work on the physical items at home. I will just transfer the updated files to my MCU once I get home and continue on from there.

  • December
    • 12/05

      • So I have added a 3D printer to my home system. It is operated by the Octopi Operating system on my first Raspberry Pi. The hardware is a Raspberry Pi 3 with out a camera attachment, for now. Later I may add the ability to view it from my home web page, but for the time being I am waiting on that due to security reasons.

    • 12/18

      • I haven't updated as I ran into some issues with the OpenHab Server and web server, along with a friend asking for a couple of items to be printed home the 3D printer I just added. Both have been down for several days as the hardware I was using crashed and I had to reinstall everything. THe website is good as it do keep a master copy on a flash drive that I then upload to the server as a ICSH thing.

    • 12/20

      • Today I have changed the OctoPi hardware to the Raspberry Pi Model B, and added a camera module. This way I can open up a Raspberry Pi 3 and also stream and record Video of prints with a WiFi adapter that I have added to it as well.

    • 12/30

      • Started setting up a repository for images of my HAL system. I am getting tired of continually having to reinstall and rebuild it after changes or updates take it down. Also started prepping a server that I will use as a master process. It will be a full sized computer hidden behind a fake fireplace that I have built into a book shelf. I did that to lessen the items I have just laying around and to help clean it up some at home.